Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Das Hair Battle!!!

Not gonna' lie, I felt cheated, ashamed, all sorts of emotions after Getty schooled me on the last challenge. So I regrouped, wiped away the tears, and now I'm throwing down the gauntlet. THE HAIR CHALLENGE!!!!

The only real idea to run off of is 'hair.' Can be hairy characters, use of hair, but it has to have some elements of hair.

I went with Sabretooth because he's hairy, and to be honest, I've been going through old sketchbooks and seeing pictures I didn't finish because I wasn't confident in my art. So now I'm going back and checking off unfinished pieces, this being one of them. The other guys are just random, as my dawg Rico said "Pringles guys." Truth is, I just wanted to draw that kinda 'stache. I had fun changing the line colors on this one.

So Sam, Getty, let's see what you got, I've had this done for a while and I've just been waiting on you guys. But you've had enough time!

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Ransoms My Middle Name said...

Crap, you made me poop myself a little, thats awesome!